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About us

Professional "red wine brand" operator

Yuzewine is headquartered in Hongkong and have been in China market for ten years.

It is the most professional wine brand operators with industry-leading business philosophy,

firm and indomitable pioneering spirit, high-quality management team.

Yuzewine’s  main business is the trade wholesaler for famous wines of France, Australia, Spain,

Italy, Chile, the United States and other countries, dedicated to do product supply and supporting services

for the country's top wine dealer , covering the market consulting, product purchasing, cocktail party planning,

marketing planning, private wine and red wine etiquette training, etc.

The company is good at professional knowledge, unique vision and top-notch brand operation.

It excavate and operate the world's most promising and most cost-effective wines,

helping consumers establish the correct recognition of wine, driving and leading market consumption trend.  

With localization brand strategy, globalization marketing system, changeable promotion technique, Yuzewine focus on

the integration of very authentic China elements when it introduce foreign wine culture ,letting the consumer and wine lovers

can be more simple and more convenient to enjoy the world's best wines.

At present, the company is a global strategic partner of Bebendos chateau of Spain, which operates the "freedom of dream" and

"the voice of the voice".Whether in texture or taste, these two brands of wine are able to perform the best quality of wine and

the important elements that wine must have.The packaging and texture of the product are strongly appreciated by consumers.

Yuzewine will, as always, make efforts to excavate more and better wine to Chinese consumers, while to spread and

carry forward the history and culture of the wine with the beautiful wine.

About purchasing:

With Many years of accumulated resources, YUZE has unique procurement advantages and privileges,Each bottle of wine is imported

directly from abroad, the manor is directly available, reducing the middleman, ensuring quality, and has an uncompetitive advantage in price.

About the storage

The company currently has nearly 1,000 square meters wine warehouse, including 800 square meters shenzhen warehouse and 200 square

meters Hong Kong warehouse. It can store 100, 000 bottles of 750ml of wine and ensure that the dynamic inventory is no less than 60, 000 bottles,

providing sufficient and stable supply at any time and any place.Wine warehouse are equipped with the most advanced constant temperature

and humidity equipment to ensure the true quality of the imported wine.

About the team

The company has a perfect management system. At present, the company involves warehousing, logistics, finance, marketing, human resources,

design, brand operations, administrative, logistics, customer service and other functional departments. We provide excellent service for our customers.

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